About us


A family run care home

Hollymead House has been run as a residential care home since 2000. and our aim is to provide the best care while providing luxurious surroundings.

We originally opened as a nursing home in the ’80s. The Martin family took over the home in 2000 when its registration was changed to Residential Care.

We have made many improvements to the home over the years as well as ensuring that we provide first-class care.

about us

What makes us so different & what we believe in

Providing consistently high levels of care is our aim and our philosophy is a firm belief in the following areas:

We work together as a team in all departments which helps us look after our residents. This means we have the same common goal, to provide the best care.

It’s very important that we all have excellent communication skills. These are necessary for us to provide genuine care and also it is very important that relatives see this very important skill because they need us to communicate with them about how we are looking after their loved ones.

Our Staff

Our staff believe that residents come first, that their individual needs are paramount. We take time to talk, to listen, to understand, to plan and share the ups and downs of life with genuine empathy. We must make sure that the holistic needs of our residents are consistently met. Regardless of roles, we set ourselves high personal and professional standards and consistently strive to make ourselves more effective believing that every improvement can make a difference.

Our Residents

The needs of people living at Hollymead vary quite considerably. Many are able to walk independently and fully participate in their own care, while others need more intensive support with their mobility and general care needs possibly requiring the assistance of appropriate lifting equipment where necessary. Our aim is to promote the individual’s independence in all circumstances.

A note from the Director

“We believe that when the decision is made to come and live at Hollymead we would like people to realise that this is a very positive decision to make.”

MichaelOwner & Director

I continually see people come through our door who have been in hospital or have been very lonely in their own homes for a considerable amount of time with maybe their only human contact in a day being two visits from the care agency.

Folks are often worried about losing their independence. Fortunately, these people realise after a week or so in Hollymead how different life can be! I like to think that we give people new beginnings as well as preserve and promote them to be more independent.

Our residents here will tell you themselves that this is true. We’re very passionate and driven to ensure that people are not only safe here but that they live life to the full. The best job satisfaction for me is to have one of my residents sit down to tell me how good their experience is at Hollymead and how glad they are that they came here!

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